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Sanitarian's Office

Phone: 406.563.4066 | Fax: 406.563.4001 ~ ATTN Sanitarian's Office | Email
Chad Lanes
Chad Lanes

Tri-County Environmental Health

Serving Anaconda-Deer Lodge, Granite and Powell Counties

Chad Lanes, R.S., Tri-County Sanitarian, 563-4066
Karen Solberg, R.S., Tri-County Assistant Sanitarian, 563-4067
Lisa Saur, Secretary, 563-4065

Location: 3rd floor of the Courthouse, to the left of the District Court
Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5pm. The majority of our work requires us to be in the field – an appointment will ensure a sanitarian is in the office to assist you.


Programs and Services

Flood Cleanup Health Tips
Food Program
Public Accommodations Program
Septic System Program
Air Quality
Subdivisions of Land
Community Complaints Program
Well Water Sampling
Well Drilling Permit
Junk Vehicle Program
Other Public Health Inspections


Flood Cleanup Health Tips

Several kinds of diarrheal illness and other communicable diseases are more common in areas that have flooded. The major reasons are the use of unsafe water and unsafe food. PDF Icon This PDF document contains information compiled and summarized from various national, state, and local health agencies. The purpose is to provide one convenient source of emergency health information for those who must return to, live in, and salvage flood stricken homes.


Food Program

The Environmental Health Department is contracted with the State Department of Public Health to conduct inspections, licensing and plan review on all food service establishments.

Quarterly Newsletter

Plan Review:
Contact the department if you plan to open a new facility, remodel an existing facility, or are changing ownership. Changes of ownership of establishments require a pre-licensing inspection and a new state Retail Food License, no matter what time of year the change occurs.

PDF IconA Plan Review Application is required when you are opening a new facility or remodeling to ensure that all health codes are met. Please fill out the form completely and return it to the Environmental Health Department for review. For more information and Food Establishment Rules please visit this website:

Food Safety Education
ServSafe Classes for Manager Certification are taught in the Spring and Fall or additional classes may be arranged on request. ServSafe is a nationally recognized program developed by the National Restaurant Association. For more information on this program, visit the following website: Online food safety training is also available at the ServSafe website or through the state at:

Temporary Food Permits
All non-profit organizations who are hosting special dinners, events, and fundraisers that provide food to the general public must apply and receive a Temporary Food Permit 7 days prior to the event. If you are planning an upcoming event please refer to the following helpful documents:


Food Recalls/Alerts

For current information on food recalls, please visit these websites:
The United States Food safety and Inspection Service ~
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration ~

To report a complaint about food items that you have purchased, please fill out this PDF IconConsumer Complaint Form and submit it to our office.

If you suspect that you have contracted a food borne illness, please contact the Environmental Health department at 563-4066. You will be asked to fill out a history of what you ate over the past 3 days to help us determine the cause of your illness and assist in investigating the cause.

More information about Consumer food safety can be found on the following websites:
For kids ~
Home Food Safety ~


Public Accommodations Program

Tri-County Environmental Health is contracted by Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services to license and inspect all Public Accommodations including hotels, motels, Bed and Breakfasts, and Tourist Homes.

Please visit the following website to see the rules and regulations for operating a Public Accommodation.


Rules for Bed and Breakfasts:


Septic System Program

Looking for a Septic System Record?
Tri-County (Deer Lodge, Powell and Granite Co.) septic system records are available electronically.
Please have the following information when you call: Geocode, legal description, and address. These items can be found on your tax bill or by visiting the Montana Cadastral website at Click search, enter the county, and chose how you want to search.

Installing A Septic System?
Attention: Property Owners, Developers And Realtors:

All lots that have been subdivided since 1973 have either an approved site plan for sewer and water OR have a restriction preventing development with any building requiring sewer or water. Please be sure that all land owners have a copy of the correct site plan. Montana Law requires "THAT the developer and/or owner of record shall provide each purchaser of property with a copy of the Certificate of Survey, approved location of water supply and sewage treatment system as shown on the approved layout, and a copy of the Certificate of Subdivision Approval.

Septic permits are required for any revision, replacement of an existing system and any installation of a new system. Permits Are Required Before Any Work Begins!

NOTICE: Effective January 1, 2014, The Boards of Health of Deer Lodge, Granite and Powell Counites passed a new Tri-County Onsite Wastewater Regulations and updated the fee schedule. Until the website is updated, please contact the office the office at (406) 563-4035 to get copies of the new application, Regulations and Fee Schedule. Thank you.

Septic Forms:

To learn more about septic systems, visit the National Environmental Services Center at this website:


Air Quality

If a dust storm event or nuisance dust in general is observed coming off of Superfund lands, please contact the numbers below so that they may respond, and try to quantify and document the problem.

Please call in the following order until someone is notified:
Steve Heck ~ 498-4199
Virginia Loran ~ 563-7476, then 691-0015
Jim Kuipers ~ 782-3441, then 459-0445

Forest Fire Information:

PDF IconHow to Protect Yourself" adapted from "Wildfire Smoke, A Guide for Public Health Officials, 2002", by Missoula-City County Health Department


Subdivisions of Land

Montana Sanitation in Subdivisions Act
The Montana Sanitation in Subdivisions Act (MSSA) is enforced by MT Dept of Environmental Quality and the local Environmental Health Department, and defines a subdivision as "a division of land or land so divided that creates one or more parcels containing less than 20 acres, exclusive of public roadways, in order that the title to or possession of the parcels may be sold, rented, leased, or otherwise conveyed and includes any re-subdivision and any condominium or area, regardless of size, that provides permanent multiple spaces for recreational camping vehicles or mobile homes".

Subdivisions of land with lots under 20 acres in size are subject to review by Montana State Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to meet compliance with the Montana Sanitation in Subdivisions Act. Parcels over 20 acres require review by the local environmental health office.

For information on subdivision review by DEQ, please visit the DEQ website, Subdivision section at:


Community Complaints Program

The Environmental Health Department deals with complaints of of licensed public establishments (restaurants, bars, public accommodations), septic systems, water quality, air quality and public health issues. Please call the environmental health office with these issues at 563-4065.

For complaints of Ordinance 201 A- Solid Waste, Litter and Decay Ordinance, please call the Sanitation Office at 563-6066 or 563-6067 or visit the Sanitation Office at the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Courthouse on the 3rd Floor.

A copy of the PDF IconSolid Waste, Litter and Decay Ordinance

Other complaints

Animal Complaints ~ Call Animal Control at 563.4070

Landlord-Tenant Problems
Please PDF Icondownload and consult the Montana Residential Landlord and Tenant Act of 1977.


Well Water Sampling

Water sample kits and information are available in our office. Contact this office for information on disinfection of wells and site placement of wells.


Well Drilling Permit

A permit is now required for the construction of individual and multi-user wells.
The purpose is to allow for the evaluation of well placement, minimum construction standards and ensure that wells are sited in approved locations. Please PDF Icondownload a Well Permit Application to get started.

Please note: a Well Drilling Permit is only required in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County at this time.

For more information on drilling wells, visit the DNRC Water Resources, Board of Well Water Contractors webpage at:

Ever wonder how to treat a contaminated well? The MSU extension office has put together a video explaining that very process. It's called Chlorinating a Well and Water System. Go »

For information on well logs visit the MBMG Ground Water Information Center at:


Junk Vehicle Program

A Junk Vehicle is defined as "a discarded, ruined, wrecked or dismantled motor vehicle, which is not lawfully and validly licensed and remains inoperative or incapable of being driven". A vehicle must meet all three parts of the definition to be classified as a junk vehicle. Vehicle hauling through this program is free of charge. Call the office at 563-4066 to arrange for a vehicle to be hauled or to register a complaint. Please fill out the appropriate form and bring or mail to the office. 800 South Main, Courthouse, Anaconda, MT 59711.

PDF IconJunk Vehicle Complaint Form

PDF IconJunk Vehicle Release Form

For additional information on Montana's Junk Vehicle Program, please visit this website:


Other Public Health Inspections
DPPHS contracts our department to inspect, license, and do plan reviews on Public Accommodations, including hotels, motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Day Care Centers that care for 12 or more children, Community Group Homes, Trailer Courts, Detention Facilities, and Public swimming pools and spas, including those owned and operated by hotels or motels.

Please visit the following website for information: