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ADLC Fire Department and Fire Protection Services

Ron "R.J." Tocher, Chief | Phone: 406.563.2164 | Email:

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A combination of fire departments, U.S. Forest Service and the Anaconda Division of the Department of Natural Resource and Conservation handle fire protection. Seven fire districts are located within Anaconda-Deer Lodge County.

The fire insurance ratings for the City of Anaconda are class 7 for residential property and class 6 for commercial property.

ADLC Fire Department



Fire/EMS Chief – Ron "R.J." Tocher, EMT-B with full endorsements.

Scott Demarois, EMT-B with full endorsements
Victor Zenahlik, EMT-B with full endorsements

Scott Barcklay, EMT-B with full endorsements

Firefighter 1st Class
Jason McElroy,EMT-B with full endorsements
Danny Edwards, EMT-B with full endorsements
Cody Tocher, EMT-B with full endorsements

Billy Jo Thompson – EMT-B with full endorsements
Tyler Loterbauer, EMT-B with full endorsements
David Maslowski, EMT-B with full endorsements



1 – 1967, 1000 gallon per minute pumper (will be replaced within the next 12 months with a 2008, 1500 gallon per minute pumper)
1 - 1976, 1250 gallon per minute pumper
1 - 1994, 1500 gallon per minute pumper
1 - 1994, 75 foot ladder truck with a 1500 gallon per minute pump
1 – 1999 Wheeled Coach class 3 ambulance
1 – 1997 AEV Trauma Hawk class 3 ambulance
1 – 1996 Wheeled Coach class 3 ambulance
1 – 1993 Wheeled Coach class 1 ambulance
1 – 2001 Ford F-150, Chief vehicle


Anaconda Fire Department Responsibilities

  • Provide the City of Anaconda with Fire and Emergency Medical Services.
  • Provide Anaconda Deer Lodge County with full Emergency Medical Service.
  • Provide A.D.L.C. county volunteer fire departments with instant and mutual-aid.
  • Provide A.D.L.C. with Operation Level Haz-Mat response.
  • Provide A.D.L.C. with automobile extrication service.
  • Provide Fire prevention program.
  • Provide CPR and First-Aid training.
  • Provide community service.



1889 – Marcus Daly Hook and Ladder Company established; Primary duty was to protect properties owned by Marcus Daly, but also served local community in time of need. Company make-up consisted of the #1 Hook & Ladder Company, Phoenix Hose Company, Smelter City Hose Company and the Alert Hose Company totaling 175 volunteer firefighters. The Dark Town Fire Brigade was the #1 Hook & Ladder Company in black face.

1895 – Anaconda City Hall completed at 401 East Commercial. This facility housed all city offices including police station, jail and fire department.

1896 – Anaconda Fire Department established, replacing Marcus Daly Hook and Ladder Company.

1978 – Fire department was relocated from 401 East Commercial Avenue to 420 West Commercial Avenue (present day location).

2007 – Anaconda Fire Department reorganized from fire and quick response medical organization to a fire and EMS transporting service.