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Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Phone: 406.563.5241 | Fax: 406.563.2069
Tim Barkell
Tim Barkell

The Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Department of Law Enforcement is located at 800 S. Oak Street, Anaconda, MT 59711. The Department of Law Enforcement serves the City-County of Anaconda-Deer Lodge, a population of approximately 9,000 residents and covers 737.0 square miles. The Department of Law Enforcement operates 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.

The Department of Law Enforcement consists of three departments - Law Enforcement - Detention - 911 Dispatch.

Law Enforcement is supervised by Chief of Law Enforcement Tim Barkell and Asst. Chief Bill Sather. The department has fifteen full-time and one part-time sworn officers. The Anaconda-Deer Lodge County LEA is responsible for the safety of the residents as well as enforcing laws and ordinances.

Detention is supervised by Assistant Bill Sather and has seven full-time and one part-time detention officers. This facility houses prisoners for Anaconda-Deer Lodge County and other agencies.

911 Dispatch is supervised by Lynette Williams and has ten (full-time and part-time) dispatchers. 911 Dispatch provides essential emergency and non-emergency dispatch and communications services to City-County law enforcement, fire departments and EMS services.

Police Officers
Steve Barclay
Tim Barkell, Chief
Tyler Deeks
Jack Doemel
Ryan Eamon
Steve Ernsberger
Steven Flack
Cody Hanson
Dave Heffernan
Larry Huber
Richard Pasha
Ryan Peterson
William "Colt" Pierce
Kent Reisenauer
Susan Robbins
Jack Roche
Bill Sather, Assistant chief
Kyle Staley
Kristopher Vauthier
Detention Officers
Mark Durkin
Jeff Miller
Bryan Trainor
Brandon Staley
Mike McNamara
Robert Hungate
Rodger Kenney
John Stewart
9-1-1 Dispatchers
Lynette Williams, Supervisor
Linda Bubash
Susan Ernsberger
Doris Paull
Dawn Peterson
Lynann Killoy
Jamie Hanson
Brooke Rampy
Deanna Sweeney
Shane DeHart (P/T)