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Weed Department

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Sharon ScognamiglioMichael Stuart, Coordinator

Mr. Stuart's duties as Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Weed Coordinator include; seeing to the spraying of all ground in the county. Coordinating spraying between County, State, Federal and private landowners, issuing non compliance letters, enforcing State Weed Laws, assisting landowners with sprayer calibration and herbicide information, distribution of biological control agents, writing and administering weed grants, ordering herbicides, completing all State required reports, writing and updating the County Noxious Weed Plan, inspecting subdivisions and inspecting noxious weed seed free forage.


A copy of the PDF IconADLC Weed Management Plan is also available for download.

The Montana "War on Weeds" project has put together an informative web site entitled Noxious Weeds in Montana. It can be used as an identification tool.

PDF IconProper sprayer calibration is an extremely important step in the application of herbicides. Often, sprayers are not calibrated properly, which results in poor weed control from under application, or crop damage from overapplication. To know how much chemical to add to the sprayer tank, you need to know the capacity ofthe spray tank whether it is one gallon or 500 gallons. With the information found in PDF Iconthis document you will know how many acres the pesticide mix in your tank will spray.