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Opportunity Superfund Public Meeting

The Anaconda Smelter Stack as seen from from East of Anaconda

A Forum for discussing environmental monitoring and the future

Anaconda –Deer Lodge County (ADLC) in coordination with the Opportunity Citizens Protective Association (OCPA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Anaconda Environmental Education Institute (AEEI), and the Clark Fork River Technical Assistance Committee (CFRTAC) are pleased to announce a public meeting to engage and inform the public on progress and future of water quality and air monitoring. Presentations will be given on ground water sampling, air/dust monitoring, and the vegetation status of the Atlantic Richfield/BP Waste Management Ponds.

Please join us for refreshments and an informative session on local water and air quality:

Date: Monday, November 2
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Place: Opportunity Community Center

If you would like more information about this meeting, or to schedule an interview please get in touch with:
The Opportunity Citizens Protection Association
Clark Fork River Technical Assistance Committee
The Arrowhead Foundation


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